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PASHMINA SHAWLS:-  These Pashmina shawls are also known as cashmere wool which originally got its name from the Persian word for wool. This is supposed to be the softest wool across the globe from the Himalayan Region and the Tibetan plateau. The wool used in making of the Pashmina shawl is got from "Capra Hircus" which is a kind of goat more popularly known as Chyangra and found at an altitude of 12000 feet where temperature drops below 40 degree centigrade.

 Pashmina shawls are known to pass entirely through a wearable ring with diameter of about half an inch. These shawls are hand spun, and woven in Nepal.

Handwash/Dry clean

Measures approximately:- 206x72cm.

100% Pashmina.


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