Eight Auspicious Indoor Flag

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Eight Auspicious Indoor Flag:- The Eight Auspicious Symbols are the golden wheel, the mystical knot, the white umbrella, the banner of victory, the right-turning conch shell, the treasure vase, the lotus and the double golden fish. 

For some these eight objects signify the essence of the body highlighting its luminous essence, its intrinsic purity and the auspiciousness of the mind. Tibetans also regard the eight auspicious objects as representing the holy body of Buddha. To them however, the parasol signifies Buddha’s head, the golden fishes are his eyes, the lotus his tongue, the treasure vase his neck, the wheel his feet, the banner of victory his body, the conch his speech and the mystical knot the Buddha’s omniscient mind

This 8 symbol is a sign of good fortune used across Asia. With the increasing popularity of Tibetan Buddhism, they have become globally accepted as general symbols of good fortune, displayed and worn to attract prosperity and harmony. Wherever these eight auspicious signs exist, there will be the dependent arising of increasing the virtue of auspiciousness. So, this flag is a perfect gift for your loved once.

  1. Parasol (chattra) - royalty and spiritual power
  2. Golden Fishes (suvarnamatsya) - good fortune, fertility and salvation
  3. Treasure Vase (kalasha) - spiritual and material abundance
  4. Lotus (padma) - mental and spiritual purity
  5. Conch Shell (sankha) - the fame of Buddha's teachings
  6. Endless Knot (shrivasta) - infinite wisdom of the Buddha
  7. Victory Banner (dhvaja) - victory of the Buddha's teachings and wisdom over ignorance
  8. Wheel (dharmachakra) - the teachings of the Buddha.

Measure:- 10.4x12.3 inches

Handmade in Nepal

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