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NAMGYALMA POLE FLAG OR Ushnikha-Vijaya (Namgyalma Flag).

for the purpose of avoiding negative energies in certain areas. Let the flag stand high and let the wind carry the blessing of Namgyalma by letting it pass through the prayer mantra printed on beautiful flag.

Once Lama Zopa Ricpoche said in his speech that the Namgyalma mantra is extremely powerful. If you have this mantra on a banner, even the shadow from the banner purifies the negative karma of any being it touches.They are not reborn in the lower realms.

Similarly, if the mantra is in a house, all beings in the house—not only human beings, but also animals such as  cats, dogs, ants, etc are purified and liberated from the lower realms. It is excellent to have many of these mantras in your car, on the inside of the roof. Then, every day people are blessed, purified and liberated from the lower realms.

This is the main mantra for purifying and liberating from the lower realms—purifying negative karma by putting the mantra on the body of a person who has died or chanting it for a person who has died.

Colour available in Blue, Yellow, Green, White and Red.

Measuring:- 70cm (length) X 65 cm (breadth)

weight:- 100 gms. 

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